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🛠 Status: In Development

LitElement is currently in development. It's on the fast track to a 1.0 release, so we encourage you to use it and give us your feedback, but there are things that haven't been finalized yet and you can expect some changes.

LitElement API Documentation

Install @polymer/lit-element

npm install --save @polymer/lit-element



Extends UpdatingElement to include lit-html templating. Users define a render method to provide an element template, which is called when required by update.

Import LitElement and html from this module to create a component:

import { LitElement, html } from '@polymer/lit-element';

class MyElement extends LitElement {
  render() {
      return html`<p>your template here</p>`;

customElements.define('my-element', MyElement);


import { UpdatingElement } from '@polymer/lit-element/lib/updating-element.js';

Custom Element base class that supports declaring observable properties, reflecting attributes to properties, and the core update lifecycle methods.

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